So you might have seen the steady stream of yarn on the Flickr roll at the top of the page. I finished all of my finals last week and got my grades on Monday. “A”s in both so I celebrated with yarn. I haven’t knitted anything substantial in about a year, but I have some free time now. Well, outside of work at least. I won’t be going back to school until January, when I’ll be starting on my way to a 2nd Bachelors (or a Masters, still debating) in Comp Sci at Portland State.

So I’ve been knitting outside of work to pass the time.

Abyssal in Cascade Heritage Sock. I knit the “Adrienne” version. See my project page on Ravelry.

Gloss Aeolian

In progress Aeolian in Knitpicks Gloss Lace. I’m knitting the shawlette. See my project page on Ravelry.

I also have a some socks and the bottom hem of a cardigan started, but no pictures yet. However, I have tons more yarn lying around and so this weekend I’m going to spend some of my hard-earned money on this:

I technically already own a loom (and a spinning wheel for that matter) but my loom is ginormous (32″ wide) and barely fits in my apartment when I try to warp it. The Schacht Cricket is only 10″ wide and perfect to weave scarves on, so I’m taking the plunge and am going to try to get through some of my stash which is also starting to take over my apartment, especially since I haven’t been knitting for a while and I still have a bunch of fiber to spin eventually too. Who knows, maybe this will be a fiber blog yet.

    • Hey Darius, I got my degree in Anthropology (I really liked the biological anthropology portion and actually interned with a forensic anthropologist). I still really enjoy that stuff, but not as a career.

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