I got called a rockstar today. I’m trying to make myself believe it. All I have left to do that’s required is the recursion stuff. Then there’s a bunch of extra credit that I want to try to go all the way through. Code School has a new (free) intro to JavaScript module that I also want to see if I can find too easy.

Non programming fluff the past few days. Family was in town and I’m starting to pack up the apartment I’ve lived in for four years. Subconsciously I seem to think the faster I clean out my apartment the sooner I get to move down to California. I think my subconscious is going to be disappointed when I have a bare apartment and another month of work in Salem.

In other news I am starting to hoard nerdy t-shirts. I bought a couple of Welcome to Nightvale shirts as well as some ‘verse (Whedonverse, that is) related ones from Once upon a Tee (Buffy, guns don’t kill people, and I hate the homeless, specifically).