Quiet Except for the Singing

My apartment is almost bare and I’ll be turning in my keys today. My cats are now with my parents so it’s pretty loud there, but here in Salem it’s quiet. Almost. I’ve been singing at the top of my lungs while I clean (don’t judge the music choices too much, they have fun lyrics […]


Lindsey Learns APIs

Starting this countdown to California/Hack Reactor has brought back my love of learning in ways that online classes couldn’t do. I love to learn. I’m the kind of girl that if I don’t know the answer to your question (“Are inch worms an inch long?” – bad example as I do know that they get […]


Regex for Fun and Profit

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I’ve always been a bit intimidated by regex (or Regular Expressions for the uninitiated). In a nutshell, regular expressions are these archaic looking bits of symbols that when put together look bizarre but actually are used to search for specific characters in a chunk of text/input. For example [^0-9] means search for the first non-numeric […]


My Life is Like My Nose Piercing

= It didn’t hit me until my piercer started talking about the aftercare, but this piercing is probably the best thing I could have done to commemorate my new life as a Software Engineer. It’s hard to see even in the picture above, but I got my nose pierced today (I also put on makeup […]


UX Design vs Sticky Nav

An interesting rant from Reuters on end-user hate of sticky navigation bars (those logo/navigation combos that stay on top of your screen even as you scroll down the page). I find myself more and more interested in user experience data. My first love is definitely promoting/encouraging women in technology, but I can be fickle and […]


HTML5 and Me

So I’m “officially” done with the pre-course work for Hack Reactor. Remember that freakout a few posts back? Remember? Because I do and it makes me laugh out loud. I’m still going to work on all of the extra credit bits that they included but I have a month to go and I want to […]