My favorite story when I was trying to describe myself while looking for a job involved the fact that I had a very non-traditional path to Software Engineering. I wear it as a badge of honor that I am able to do all of this without a degree in Computer Science. I went to a boot camp, worked my butt off, and got my dream job at Udacity.

As I explain it, I came to a breaking point about a year and a half ago where I knew I wanted to be a software engineer but I had no background and not a lot of skill and as a woman, I wasn’t really feeling welcomed.

So I decided to do something drastic. I decided I needed to quit. But then what? I’d been taking CS classes at my local community college in hopes of maybe getting a Masters and I’d learned about these cool bootcamps in San Francisco. In fact I told my best friend about them and she’d just been accepted to one (of course, she already lived in the Bay Area).

I made my decision when I realized I didn’t have the patience or money to sit around for three years before maybe feeling like I could get a job. I wanted to go out and solve “real” problems and not get a meaningless job to get me (maybe) through a Masters in three years.

I still really want that Masters. Honestly, it’s something that I need for selfish reasons. To prove that I can do it. But also to feed that craving for more academic knowledge. So I applied to the Georgia Tech Online Masters Program. And last night I got my acceptance letter.

A year ago I had recently quit my stable job and left my nice apartment and the state I’d spent my entire life in to live on my friends couch and work myself to exhaustion 6 days a week at Hack Reactor. Now I have that nice apartment and an awesome job and I’m learning things all the time and at the same time I get to work on my Masters without fear of a dead-end job or a tuition bill I couldn’t pay.

So it’s time for a new Category! And a new iteration of numbered weekly posts! And lots more exciting learnings. Heck, maybe I’ll end up making the robot that starts the robot apocalypse. You’ll only find out by following my blog (or possibly the news, if I do end up making that robot).