Sabbatical, Day 0 – Deciding to be a bougie tech worker

Two women, looking a a laptop screen. On the screen are couches for some reason.
I aspire to use really generic stock photos for this entire “sabbatical” series. For real, this was labeled as “women in tech.” They’re looking at couches.

Today was the last day of my most recent engineering job. [Editor’s note: I’m writing this on a Saturday, the first proper day of my sabbatical, but reflections and shit.] I don’t have another job already lined up for the first time in my tech career. As tech innovators call it, I am taking a “sabbatical.” I’m not taking a year off to commune with nature, drink terrible kombucha, and “find myself.” Although, if I’m being honest with myself, I hope I find myself somewhere along a much less glamorous path forward.

To give me some blank space to process this quiet, I’ve archived all my past content, from my very first post about teaching myself to code to the most recent post that was about two jobs behind the present. I’m trying to get a whole bunch of stuff out of my head, so maybe it will be quiet there too.

I miss writing even if no one reads it.